All chocolate is not created equally! Here at Chocolate Gems, we’re often asked what the difference between compound and couverture chocolate is.

In this post, we’ll explain how the different styles of chocolate are made, why there are differences in taste – and why, in our opinion, couverture chocolate is tastier than compound chocolate.

How is compound chocolate made?

Compound chocolate is made from cocoa powder and oil – usually cottonseed, palm kernel or soybean oil.

These ingredients are typically cheaper than those found in couverture chocolate, so while compound chocolate is cheaper than its counterpart, it’s also considered to be of lesser quality.

For home cooks, the ingredients in compound chocolate make it easier to work with because it doesn’t require tempering – the process which gives chocolate that beautiful quality, shiny finish (more about this below). 

However, if you’re intending to create chocolate products commercially – or stock quality chocolate in your retail outlet for example – you’re definitely going to want to consider using the higher quality couverture chocolate.

How is couverture chocolate made?

Couverture chocolate, often called real chocolate, is made with cocoa butter and chocolate liquor.

In order to be labeled couverture, chocolate must contain a minimum of 32-39 per cent cocoa butter and not less than 2.5 per cent of dry, non-fat cocoa solids. 

In more technical terms, couverture chocolate is attributed to the crystalisation characteristics of cocoa butter. The tempering process involves a careful selection of crystals of cocoa butter which are inherently stable, and preserving them in the chocolate. 

The preservation of these stable crystals of cocoa butter is what gives couverture chocolate its glossy texture and noticeable ‘snap’ when you bite into it. The high content of cocoa butter also brings out the intensity of flavour in this chocolate – giving it a richer, creamier taste.

Given that it can be used as a filling and glazing agent, couverture chocolate is sometimes referred to as ‘cooking chocolate’.  This type of chocolate can also be melted and re-melted, and used in the molding of chocolate products such as our HeartsStarsKissesMedallions, Frogs, Christmas Bells and our ever-popular Freckled products.

We also offer bakery products such as flake chocolate, in dark, milk and white chocolate, as well as chocolate buttons – or callets – in dark, milk, white and caramel chocolate.

Why Chocolate Gems chooses to use couverture chocolate

Quite simply, we choose to use only couverture chocolate to create our range of products, because of the quality and taste. Chocolate Gems was founded as a family owned and operated chocolate manufacturer, with a mission to provide the highest quality products. We believe this is only achievable by using couverture chocolate.

We’re also seeing increased demand by retail outlets, providers of high-end hampers and gift boxes, restaurants and other hospitality providers, for couverture chocolate. By using and stocking premium products, they’re able to charge higher margins, while catering to the increasingly sophisticated tastes of their customers.

If you’ve not yet tried Chocolate Gems quality couverture chocolate, give us a call on 07 3216 8433 to discuss your requirements.

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